Starting the Windows Server

Before starting the server, you must either temporarily disable the Windows firewall or manually open the port in the Windows firewall that you want to use to run the XDBC server. The default port number is 20222. See Microsoft documentation for more information about the Windows firewall.
Note: If you do disable your Windows firewall, be sure to re-enable it later.
  1. To start the server, you have three options on Windows: you can use a batch file, the server maintenance utility, or start the server daemon directly:
    • Run the script:

      mfdbcs.bat -start

    • Start the server with the server maintenance utility:

      acuxdbcs -start

    • Start the server directly:

      xdbcsrvr -z

    Or to start the server on an alternate port, these same commands can be used but with the following additional information:
    • mfdbcs.bat -start -n 20222
    • acuxdbcs -start -n 20222
    • xdbcsrvr -z -p 20222
  2. To test that the server is running, use one of the following commands:
    • mfdbcs.bat -info
    • acuxdbcs.exe -info
  3. To test that the server is running on an alternate port, use one of the following commands:
    • mfdbcs.bat -info -n 20222
    • acuxdbcs.exe -info -n 20222