CCI Startup

We now need to start the CCITCP2 daemon. On Windows systems, this needs to be run with System Administrator permissions.

You can start the daemon, at a Micro Focus command prompt, with the following command:


On Windows, it can be started automatically at system startup by including it in the startup folder, or installing it as an NT Service.

Note: If you have installed Micro Focus Enterprise Server for Windows, available with Net Express and also the Micro Focus XDBC Client, then the Micro Focus Directory Server (MFDS) will have been installed as a service, so there is no need to manually install CCITCP2 as a service. (If you have already installed CCITCP2 as a service, stop it and uninstall it before installing Micro Focus Enterprise Server for Windows.) For more information see the section Using Directory Server Instead of CCITCP2 in the Micro Focus Help file.

If you receive the error message CCITCP2-0120E CCITCP2 initialization failed, the 'mfcobol' port address is in use, this may be the cause.