CCI Configuration

Before we can begin using Fileshare, we will need to set up the Common Communications Interface ( CCI ) for the protocol we will be using. CCI over TCP/IP ( CCITCP ) allows an application to connect to another application either on a remote machine, or to a different process on the same machine. To accomplish this, we will start a CCITCP2 registration daemon.

First verify that there is an entry in /etc/services file as follows:

mfcobol 86/udp

On Windows machines, you can run the CCI Configuration utility. It can be started by going to the Configuration group under the product Start menu item and selecting CCI CONFIGURATION. Alternatively just run CCIINST from any Micro Focus Command Prompt. You will provide this utility the address of the machine in the reachable network which is running a CCITCP2 daemon. You can enter either a hostname or a dotted decimal format address. Running the CCI Configuration Utility for more details.