10. Error Messages

When installing, configuring, or using Micro Focus XDBC components, you may encounter error messages along the way. If you encounter an error message, locate it in this chapter and see if the information provided can help you uncover the underlying cause of the error. If you still cannot determine the cause, use the logging features of Micro Focus XDBC to trace Micro Focus XDBC and COBOL file activities. For details on using the logging features, see the topic DEBUG_LOGFILE configuration variable.

Error messages can originate from the following sources:

Note: Indexed file system error codes have two numbers. The first number corresponds to a general SQLSTATE error. You can find information on SQLSTATE errors in general ODBC manuals, like the ODBC Programmer's Reference. The second number is the native indexed file error code. It lists the native error associated with Micro Focus XDBC operation.

For example, in the following error code:

S1003   102

S1003 is the SQLSTATE ODBC error number, and 102 is the native indexed file error number. The following are a list of the native indexed file errors that you may encounter.

You may occasionally receive an application-specific error message when trying to access data through Micro Focus XDBC. For instance, when using Microsoft Query, you may receive an error like the following:

MSQry error:  This program has performed an illegal 
operation and will be shut down.  If the problem persists, contact 
the program vendor.

If you receive an error like this, try removing and re-adding your data source name (DSN) in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Occasionally, the application may have difficulty recognizing the DSN; recreating the DSN should solve the problem.

For specific information regarding other application-specific errors, refer to your application's user documentation or online help.