Supported Deployment Environments

Micro Focus XDBC works on many operating systems and with most recent Micro Focus COBOL development and runtime systems.

Note that a Micro Focus compiler, which is provided with all supported Micro Focus COBOL development products, is required during the XFD creation portion of the XDBC setup process. Compilers are not supplied with Micro Focus runtime-only products. However, you can deploy with either your COBOL development product or your runtime-only product.

In a local environment, XDBC Local and XDBC Server are installed on the same machine. Network environments include a server and one or more clients. The XDBC Client, which is installed on the client machine, does not require use of a COBOL development or runtime system.

Micro Focus XDBC is compatible with the following operating systems:

Micro Focus XDBC supports any combination of the following COBOL systems (assumes OS and COBOL system compatibility):

Note: If you have multiple COBOL systems on a machine, during installation you instruct Micro Focus XDBC which COBOL system to use.