SELECT Clauses

The SELECT command uses clauses to specify the details of queries. The following table lists these clauses and provides a brief description of each. For detailed descriptions, follow the links.

SELECT List (SELECT Statement) Appears as the first clause in a SELECT statement and determines which columns are output from the source rows
FROM Clause (SELECT Statement) Names the source tables for the query
WHERE Clause (SELECT statement) Defines the criteria that rows must meet to be selected for output
GROUP BY Clause (SELECT Statement) Groups identical output values in the named columns
HAVING Clause (SELECT Statement) Defines criteria that the groups of rows defined in the GROUP BY clause must satisfy to be output by the query
ORDER BY Clause (SELECT Statement) Sorts the output
Possibly Nondeterministic Queries In some cases the same query can produce different output tables on different implementations because of subtle implementation-dependent behaviors; such queries are called possibly nondeterministic queries