To load XFDs using a script

In the Micro Focus XDBC™ installation directory, enter the following:

mfaddfile filename

where filename is the name of the XFD file to add to the system catalog. Note that you must leave the extension (.xfd) off the filename in this instance.

By default, the script assumes that your XFDs are stored in the current directory and that your system catalog is stored in the Micro Focus XDBC installation directory. Also by default, the user PUBLIC is assumed.

If you stored your XFDs and/or system catalog elsewhere, or if you want to specify an alternate user, you can edit the script or add command-line options as follows:

mfaddfile [-d mfsyscat_path] [-x xfd_path] [-u user] filename


mfaddfile [-d mfsyscat_path] [-x xfd_path] [-u user] -f filelist

The second form assumes that you have created a text file using your favorite editor listing all of the XFD files that you want to load into the system catalog. When you create a list file, use just the base name of the XFD files; do not use the .xfd suffix. List the XFD files one per line. For example, you might create a file called list.txt that contains this:


In this case, your mfaddfile command would be:

mfaddfile –f list.txt