To set permissions on your database tables

  1. From a command prompt locate mfsql in your bin directory and log in as database administrator.

    For example, enter the following at the prompt:

    mfsql -u system -p manager

    After a brief message, the following prompt appears:

    SQL (/? for help) ==>
  2. Grant table-level privileges to individual users or groups of users.

    For example:

    GRANT SELECT ON table_a TO sjones;
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON table_b TO public;

    Other privileges include DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE.

    The following table describes some privilege levels:

    SELECT Gives grantees read-only access. This allows them to issue the SELECT statement on the object, but nothing else
    SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT Allows grantees to read, write, delete, or insert data
    ALL PRIVILEGES    Passes on all applicable privileges that you are entitled to grant
    USAGE Allows grantees use the object to define another object