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Buying Programs

School License Agreement (SLA)

The School License Agreement (SLA) is the ideal licensing vehicle for Primary Education Institutions (K-12). With a short, simple contract and easy annual payment calculations, this agreement perfectly meets the changing requirements of primary education institutions to license, implement, and maintain their software investments. This program not only lowers software ownership costs but also helps you spend less time on software acquisition and more time focusing on your business-education.

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll find in the SLA program:

  • Flexible bundle options
  • Upgrade Protection included at no additional charge
  • Automatic contract renewal
  • Minimum annual fee of US$1,000

Enroll Now

To enroll, select from the following list of contract documents.

Renew or Submit an Annual Fee Worksheet

If you already have an SLA, select from the following list of Annual Fee Worksheets.

**SLA Participation Form: Submit this form along with the SLA Annual Fee Worksheet (Exhibit A) for each additional school joining the Agreement part-way through an Annual Term.

Purchasing Through the SLA

A program that works for you. As a qualified academic institution, you can radically simplify software management for your organization by purchasing through the SLA. You decide which counting method works best for your organization: student enrollment or workstation count. You also have control of the products you want to use throughout your organization. You may select from the pre-determined bundles offered or opt to build your own product bundle (US$2.25 student enrollment or US$34 workstation minimum) to suit the needs of your organization. To determine your Annual Fee, simply use the pricing and product information on the SLA Annual Fee Worksheet and multiply it by your enrollment or workstation count. Once you pay this fee, you have completed your licensing of these products for the year.

Latest product versions. The software you license through the SLA program is automatically covered with Upgrade Protection, ensuring you always have access to the latest version of the software. This benefit lowers the cost of software procurement and gives you access to the latest versions of our software throughout the term of your SLA.

Easy installation. Once you have enrolled in the SLA and submitted your Annual Fee Worksheet, you are entitled to install the software throughout the organization as needed from a single media kit. Should you need to add another server, no problem. Your licenses have already been paid for via your Annual License Fee.

Discounts on perpetual license purchases. As an SLA customer, you may purchase perpetual software licenses and other offerings at a discounted price through the Academic Standalone Orders (ASO). You can purchase these additional offerings in a single purchase order by including the required order information with your annual fee payment. For details on the Academic Standalone Orders (ASO), please see the Academic Program Guide.

Counting. Note that the enrollment numbers that you use for the SLA program are those published at the end of your previous academic year. These figures must be published in a formal document and you must reference this in the annual worksheet you complete. See the Academic Program Guide for further details.

Strong partnership with us. Your participation in a buying program not only ensures you receive preferential pricing, but also offers assistance in planning, managing, and protecting your software investments. As we partner to minimize the cost and complexity associated with software procurement, we will keep you up to date with current product and program information and services. We encourage you to review additional contract details provided in the contracts below. Please contact your local reseller or representative with any additional questions.

Order fulfillmentUnited States and Canada. Under the SLA Program, you may purchase our software and services directly through us. Additionally, if you are located within the United States or Canada, then you may also place your order conveniently through several of our qualified resellers located within these countries. Our partners are trained and ready to assist you in all your licensing needs.

Order fulfillment: EMEA or Asia Pacific. Under the SLA Program, you may place your order conveniently through qualified resellers. Our partners are ready to assist you in all your licensing needs.

Enroll or Renew

New customers must submit a signed copy of the contract and an Annual Fee Worksheet in their first year of enrollment. Existing customers should submit a completed Annual Fee Worksheet each year.

Program Guide

Download a PDF version of the information presented above.

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