Benefits of Automation & AI in Functional Testing


In this benchmark report, we review how digital transforming organizations develop and execute testing strategies that ensure the reliability and quality of applications, integrations, and other technology changes. We surveyed two hundred CIOs, CISOs, and IT leaders in development, quality assurance, operations from large enterprises on their testing strategies, practices, and challenges. Our key question is how digitally transforming organizations leverage test automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to increase test coverage and robustness across growing application portfolios.

A few key findings:

  • Leaders reported that testing teams spend most of their time testing platforms (62%), including browsers, devices, and operating systems, followed by API level testing (56%) and functional testing (52%).
  • Top reasons IT leaders invest in test automation include increasing test coverage (53%) and enabling test reuse to drive efficiencies (51%). Their biggest challenge in achieving test automation is the lack of platform coverage (58%).
Benefits of Automation and AI in Functional Testing
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Wed Nov 17 15:06:12 PST 2021