Best Practices in Application Release Management and Deployment Automation

5 indispensable keys to transforming your DevOps process.


Automation is the quickest route to high performance, but ineffective release management contributes to up to 80% of production incidents.

Find out how to build on the success of automation by optimizing toolchains, simplifying handoffs, and standardizing processes. Adopting key best practices will accelerate your DevOps transformation.

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  • When Agile methods and continuous integration aren't enough
  • 4 questions you need to ask when improving software releases and deployments
  • How to increase your responsiveness to the business
  • When Excel and Word reach their breaking point while tracking testing
  • The 2 most important practices high performers use to become more efficient

Discover how to streamline your release process and improve operational efficiency.


The velocity and complexity of application releases continue to increase as businesses adapt to new economic conditions. Manual deployments, poor collaboration between teams, and lack of control of the release process all lead to poor quality releases at a high cost to the business. In order to achieve higher levels of performance, organizations should use an Agile and lean approach to release management.

Best Practices in Release and Deployment Management
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