Real World DevOps for Mainframe Enterprises

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Read this in-depth study to learn about the IT tricks, common issues, and hidden rules inside real-world DevOps deployments.

This paper breaks down what DevOps really means. In it, you’ll read about the IT benefits and better development practices that three real-world companies discovered by using grounded DevOps principles.

You will learn:

  • How challenging assumptions about DevOps reveals hidden rules that free your business from common DevOps obstacles.
  • How your organization can achieve financial and workflow improvements using your established technology, such as the mainframe.
  • How implementing the right software at the right stage can mean:
    • Releasing products faster
    • Improved defect detection
    • Fewer deployment failures and rollbacks
    • Lower development and operations costs
Real World DevOps for Mainframe Enterprises White Paper
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