How Smarter Testing Improves Efficiency and Speed to Deliver High-Quality Applications

Download this report to see how successful organizations embrace artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their application performance testing solution. Smarter testing best practices, as illustrated by users of Micro Focus UFT One in reviews on PeerSpot, are driven by many factors.

Smarter testing factors can lead to:

  • Increased testing efficiency.
  • Reduced time-to-market.
  • Boosted testing speed and coverage.
  • Improved capabilities, such as advanced object recognition and synthetic data generation.

Smarter Testing Use Cases

Traditional development and testing cycle, with delays caused by manual testing processes, the need for test data and a learning curve for the app being tested.

It took testing mobile applications from being a headache to being fun. It’s cool because you are actually working like a real user.”

Learn more: Download the guide today.

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