Extend the reach of your software testing

Did you buy into the myth that automated testing can replace manual?


Paper Length: 6 pages

With only 28% of organizations automating their testing processes, businesses are searching for a way to streamline manual testing. Hybrid testing combines the benefits of manual and automated testing.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why human interaction in testing will always be essential
  • How hybrid testing reduces the tedium of manual testing
  • Why automated testing processes are not one-size-fits-all

Combine manual and automated testing to extend the reach of human testing and produce higher quality software, faster.

The holy grail of automation has been to eliminate manual effort and let machines do the work. The reality is that the most effective implementation of automation has been to supplement manual effort to eliminate the parts of a procedure that it can do more effectively while removing the mundane and repetitive tasks that are stressful and frequently boring for humans. That enables a human to do what a human does best and for a machine to do what it does best. It is the ultimate humanity of automation – making the work less onerous for the user and enabling them to feel better about what they ‘have’ to do.

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The Human Side of Test Automation
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