Most organizations manage policies in silos across their organization. Even those managing group policy within Active Directory find it very difficult to effectively leverage those authorization and authentication policies in other systems. All systems within your environment require some kind of policy controls to be enforced and auditable – from Linux and UNIX servers to a wide variety of cloud resources such as virtual machines, SaaS, containers, etc. It becomes even more challenging when you must prepare your existing security policies for the cloud and find a way to migrate them to cloud services such as In tune.

Managing policy in so many different places is highly inefficient and the lack of consistency opens your organization up to a great amount of risk. Bad actors are just waiting to find vulnerabilities when it comes to security policy and will exploit any gaps every chance they get.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to transform the way you manage security policies to improve security
  • Why effective policy management can drive efficiency and reduce risk
  • The steps you can take to implement a modern universal policy strategy
  • How the new Micro Focus policy management solutions can help
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