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Corporate Responsibility

At Micro Focus, behaving responsibly as an organization, both internally for our employees and externally within the marketplace, communities, and environment is a fundamental principle for our operations around the globe. It is also a key factor for customers when choosing their business partners. There are already many great examples across the Company of our teams making a difference, not just to our customers, but to the society in which we operate, and to each other.

As we bring these initiatives together and increase our focus and commitment to being a good corporate citizen, we are proud of Micro Focus INSPIRE, our company-wide corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. It covers every aspect of the organization, from how we manage relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and local communities; to how we play our part in shifting to a lower carbon economy and reducing the effects of climate change.

Micro Focus INSPIRE is a global framework designed to help amplify our current efforts and provide guidance and governance around future efforts so that employees can feel empowered and our actions together as a team have collective meaning. It consists of five pillars, explained below.

It also enables us to measure our social impact and report our progress more effectively, so that we can demonstrate strong social responsibility values at Micro Focus.


The Latest Inspiring Stories


Tanya Janca, founder of We Hack Purple and Women of Security International

Micro Focus INSPIRE is proud to showcase these outstanding executives and take a leadership role in sharing best practices to help address the lack of diversity in the technology industry.


Corporate ESG Performance

The ISS Prime Status is only awarded to companies with an Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) performance above the sector-specific Prime threshold, which means that they fulfil ambitious absolute performance requirements.

Corporate ESG Performance


FTSE Russell (the trading name of FTSE International Limited and Frank Russell Company) confirms that Micro Focus International Plc has been independently assessed according to the FTSE4Good criteria, and has satisfied the requirements to become a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series. Created by the global index provider FTSE Russell, the FTSE4Good Index Series is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. The FTSE4Good indices are used by a wide variety of market participants to create and assess responsible investment funds and other products.


Our Five Pillars

Focusing on Skills

We have evolved our volunteering and social impact activities to focus on the theme of:

Helping the communities around us to learn the right skills to thrive in the continually evolving digital future.

Every employee gets two days per year to volunteer, one day per year to support a charity or community project of choice, and the second to support our common theme, to help us to make an even bigger and longer lasting impact. We know that Digital Transformation is a reality for organizations today and we have a huge role to play in helping our customers and the market to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Micro Focus INSPIRE is a step towards evolving the role that we play in this space. From helping to provide basic education to helping to develop digital skills, social mobility and inclusion and diversity, we want to ensure nobody is left behind.

Focusing on skills


The governance model of the CSR program was reviewed and updated in FY19. The CSR committee at Micro Focus is responsible for ensuring that the Company has a fit for purpose CSR program and supporting policies in place in line with legislation, our goals and aspirations. Reporting to the board, the executive committee is chaired by senior independent non-executive director Karen Slatford. Genefa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer is our executive sponsor and was actively involved in the strategic development of the program as well as its on-going stewardship. Sarah Atkinson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility is leading the Company’s efforts globally.

"By upholding the highest ethical standards and conducting business responsibly for our people, our clients, our supply chain and the environment, we have the opportunity to help shape societal change through our business."

-Sarah Atkinson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility


A CSR steering council has also been established and includes broad functional representation from across the business. Members provide regular updates on progress, new legislation and competitor activity. The Council members help ensure employees have a clear understanding of the global CSR committee goals; focus areas and expectations including the importance of reporting. A CSR ambassador council engages employee representatives from around the world to share best practices and ensures employee contribution is recognized.

Progress and recommendations are regularly reported to the CSR committee.

Steering Committee
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