DevSecOps: A Framework for Digital Innovation

DevSecOps Rising – An-Asia Pacific Perspective


The first independent survey of its kind, this IDC InfoBrief highlights key findings from the IDC Asia-Pacific DevSecOps 2020 Survey, where1178 enterprise leaders across 14 Asia-Pacific regions were polled on secure DevOps processes, practices, and attitudes.

With a combination of this inaugural 2020 survey, along with insights from a 5-year market forecast on DevSecOps tools and practices, this study provides a deeper understanding into the state of DevSecOps maturity of leading organisations in the Asia-Pacific region, including perspectives of how COVID-19 has impacted preferences and priorities moving forward to drive innovations.

Read this exclusive InfoBrief to:

  • Learn about IDC’s views on DevSecOps and the state of their customers’ DevSecOps journey.
  • Gain insights into trends and learnings from customers across the 14 markets.
  • Understand the COVID-19 impact within organisations to drive continuous agility and innovation.
DevSecOps Rising – An Asia Pacific Perspective
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Thu Oct 5 23:47:08 PDT 2023