Analyst Report

Osterman Research: Privacy Compliance in North America: Status and Progress in 2023

How can organizations address their privacy compliance obligations in the US and Canada?

Download this report to understand how current and emerging regulations set a baseline expectation that organizations will, firstly, protect all such data appropriately, and secondly, extend a set of rights to the individuals whose data has been collected, processed, and stored. The implications of elevated privacy requirements are reverberating inside organizations across many industries.

Sponsored by OpenText™ Voltage™, this paper from Osterman Research details how organizations in the United States and Canada are meeting the requirements of current and emerging privacy regulations.

Report insights include:

  • Claims of maturity are not supported by security realities.
  • Growing intent to extend a synthesized set of rights from state-level regulations to all residents in the United States.
  • Compliance and legal teams evidence a lower commitment to privacy.
  • Insufficient capabilities to discover data requiring protection.
  • Elevating protections and readiness key for the next wave.

Download this analyst report to learn more about how organizations can address their privacy compliance obligations in the US and Canada in 2023.

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