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Case study

Data Protector seamlessly replaced Veritas NetBackup delivering close to 50% cost savings in a large-scale, complex, hybrid environment

The team looked for another solution and had very clear criteria for this. The new solution must be Windows-based as the team did not want to learn a new OS while getting up to speed with a new backup solution. All backups and replications must be completed within a 24-hour window while supporting the remote sites. As data center floor space comes at a premium, it was hoped the new backup solution would shrink the physical backup footprint. And, of course, the organization looked for an overall cost reduction. “Based on our data volumes, hybrid environment, and criteria we looked at various options,” says the Senior Backup Specialist. “Micro Focus Data Protector and NetBackup were the only enterprise-ready solutions we found. Having spoken with Veritas and confirmed that there was no flexibility in their licensing model, we moved ahead with a three-month proof-of-concept (POC) for Data Protector.”

Substantial Cost Saving and Increased Flexibility with Data Protector

After a successful POC demonstrated that Data Protector achieved a 99 percent success rate on all backups, the process of migrating from NetBackup to Data Protector was a lot easier than anticipated. No additional hardware was needed; everything was repurposed and ran concurrently during the transition period. The Data Protector implementation was completed in six months. The immediate benefit was the cost saving, but that was not the only advantage, according to the Senior Backup Specialist: “We realized an immediate software license and maintenance cost saving of close to 50 percent, which was great. However, we also saw that our automatic disaster recovery was easier to configure, and a lot of the more advanced administrative tasks were easier to perform because they could be accomplished with simple text file edits. The GUI was really easy to learn, and even though I had supported NetBackup for over 15 years, I was soon sold on how user-friendly Data Protector is. As an extra bonus we improved our deduplication ratios by partnering Data Protector with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, reducing our storage space requirements.”

When COVID-19 hit the globe in March 2020, the Senior Backup Specialist experienced another benefit: “From one day to the next I moved from my office near the datacenter to my home. Thankfully, with Data Protector’s single interface for all backup management we didn’t miss a beat and it was just as easy to protect our data while working remotely as it had been in the office.”

Valuable Implementation and Upgrade Support

When NetBackup was in operation, the organization licensed a 3rd party reporting tool to satisfy the very stringent auditing requirements, typical of the oil and gas industry. This reported on each backup process and generated daily failure reports for the auditors. The team has since realized that Data Protector’s built-in reporting features are more than sufficient, and can now cancel the 3rd party reporting tool, realizing further licensing savings.

The Senior Backup Specialist really values the support received during the Data Protector implementation and subsequent upgrades: “The Micro Focus professional services and support teams have gone over and above for us on occasion. Their upgrade support and expertise was phenomenal and more than once have they helped us out on a problem which turned out to be unrelated to Data Protector.”


software license and maintenance cost savings


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