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Case study

As Lentis’ IT environment grew in size and complexity, the organization wanted to guarantee secure identity management across its operations and reduce the time taken to provision new users


Lentis’ operations are constantly growing and the organization has seen an associated increase in the size and complexity of its IT infrastructure. The number of workstations in use at Lentis has grown by approximately 48 percent; the IT team currently manages around 2,700 network workstations and 5,400 end-user accounts at 63 company locations.

Eppe Wolfis, IT Manager at Lentis, said, “Provisioning new users is a time-consuming practice that typically takes us two weeks to complete, as we rely largely on manual processes. Additionally, removing users from our systems is only performed periodically, so there is a potential risk of ex-employees being able to access confidential information.

“As the company grew, we wanted to be able to ensure that we had a secure identity management system.”


As part of an infrastructure renewal project, Lentis decided to upgrade its existing Identity Manager solution and to link the software to its human resource management (HRM) application, called Beaufort. It also plans to integrate the solution with a service desk tool, which will provide helpdesk employees with rapid, up-to-date information whenever they receive a request.

“By linking Identity Manager with our HRM solution, we will be able to automatically create user and email accounts for new employees,” said Wolfis. “Once a new member of staff is registered in Beaufort, the application will send the details to Identity Manager, which will then create a new user profile. Similarly, when an employee leaves the company, he or she will be deleted from Beaufort and the change will be registered automatically by Identity Manager, resulting in the instant removal of the user from all other systems.”

Lentis is also interested in using new features included in Identity Manager to create automated workflows for self-service identity management.

“We want to give business users greater control over identities and associated access rights,” said Wolfis. “We plan to use Identity Manager to create a web-based, self-service portal, which will enable users to request access to particular applications or user groups. By defining specific business users as managers, we can delegate access provisioning, reducing the administrative burden on IT staff and speeding up the process.”

In the future, Lentis anticipates that it will make further use of the rich functionality of Identity Manager to provide better control of role-based identity management for employees working from home or other remote locations, enabling employees to securely access company systems from any location.


Lentis is still in the process of implementing Identity Manager, but anticipates that it will see a number of benefits once the solution is linked to its HRM application. Centralized, highly automated access administration will make it simpler for Lentis to manage its identity policies. When Identity Manager is linked to the organization’s HRM solution, it will also eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes associated with user provisioning.

“Identity Manager will save us time and effort and will also ensure that new users are given access to the information they need right away,” said Wolfis. “Rather than having to wait two weeks before a new employee can be added to our systems, this should be completed almost instantly and automatically when the employee is registered in Beaufort.”

The solution will also boost the security of Lentis’ computing environment, ensuring that organizational information is kept safe and made available to the right people.

“The rich functionality of Identity Manager gives us a huge scope for improving the efficiency and productivity of our operations,” said Wolfis. “The solution will make life easier for both the IT team and the users we support and will ultimately help Lentis to deliver better service to our clients.”

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Lentis case study

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