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The Zhejiang Province Electronic Information Products Inspection Institute uses Silk solutions to double testing capacity

Zhejiang Province Electronic Information Products Inspection Institute (ZDJY) was established in 1973 to test and certify any electronic information products within the Zhejiang province.


With the increased use of technology within Zhejiang province, the software testing requirements and therefore the ZDJY workload grew over time. To provide the functional and performance testing required to issue quality certificates for its end users’ software products, ZDJY testing engineers would need to manually conduct the software testing.

This was a time-consuming process, and ZDJY could only deliver one test service every month, as explained by Yongwei Ji, Director at ZDJY: “All test assets needed to be manually managed in Word and Excel documents. We didn’t have a unified or centralized approach to control, manage, and monitor each of our unit, functional, and performance tests. As a result we really couldn’t provide our customers with a comprehensive report outlining their testing results.”

To provide a superior and scalable service to its customers, ZDJY realized it needed help with automating the testing process, testing management, and test scripting.


Market research showed that Micro Focus could offer a total solution; covering functional and performance testing. A regular release schedule of two main releases each year for the Silk products ensures the testing solution is compatible with all current platforms which is important to ZDJY as customer testing requirements can cover many platforms.

The decision was made to implement Silk Central™, Silk Test™, and Silk Performer™. Yongwei Ji comments: “Micro Focus supported us with a Proof-of-Concept which showed us that all our requirements could be met through the Silk suite of products. We were also impressed with the support we received from Micro Focus. Once we moved to the implementation stage we came across some minor issues which were quickly solved and the training provided by Micro Focus gave our testing engineers a real head start on automating our testing processes.”

On the daily use of the tools, Yongwei Ji says: “Working in Silk Test is easy as ZDJY engineers can continue to use their own preferred environment to create test scripts and trigger the testing process. We also love that we can include web applications in the same testing process as enterprise and mobile applications. Silk Performer gives us a useful workflow so that web application performance load testing is done smoothly and easily. The visual log explorer helps us with script enhancement without the need for additional coding.”

Silk Central consolidates the process automation with full visibility into the entire testing cycle, including the requirements-driven testing, the test case and plan design, the test execution and the result collection. All Silk Test and Silk Performer scripts are managed in Silk Central which helps with resource allocation and testing project prioritization.


With the new Silk-powered automated testing process in place, ZDJY is able to collect meaningful testing feedback and reuse best practice as well as test scripts. Yongwei Ji comments: “Using a unified testing framework through the Silk suite of solutions we are now able to deliver two testing services every month, doubling our productivity, and of course our revenue.”

ZDJY is excited about the future and plans to integrate the Silk solutions with Jenkins, the leading open source automation server, to implement a continuous integration (CI) process, enabling its teams to speed up the software testing process even more.

Yongwei Ji concludes: “The Silk solutions have helped us to deliver quality testing services faster than ever before. We are able to reuse many of the testing elements which saves time and brings consistency to our processes. Micro Focus has supported us throughout the project and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

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Zhejiang Province Electronic Information Products Inspection Institute case study
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