The COBOL-IT Products

Engineered for enhancing performance, productivity and connectivity as well as embracing open source solutions.

The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite

An Enterprise COBOL Compiler Suite that is highly adapted to the needs of Enterprises with Mission Critical COBOL components in their Enterprise Solution Stack.

  • Enables you to compile existing Enterprise COBOL programs and run the compiled objects in all Open Systems Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.
  • Provides interoperability with all of the core elements of your Enterprise Solution Stack, including databases, transactional monitors, data manipulation tools, indexed file systems and third-party tools.
  • Provides high compatibility with your existing COBOL Compiler, ensuring a rapid transition with minimal cost and minimal risk.


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The COBOL-IT Developer Studio

An Eclipse-based development environment that integrates the COBOL-IT Compiler, Runtime and Debugger and that can be operated on a Local or Remote Host.

  • The COBOL-IT Debugger provides the ability to step, or run through source, manage breakpoints, monitor variables, and view variable values in hex or ASCII format.
  • Use the COBOL-IT Runtime and Debugger installed on the remote machine to run your application, and to run your programs in debug mode.
  • In the Eclipse framework, the COBOL-IT Developer Studio provides the ability to manage projects on all the Windows/Linux/UNIX platforms on which COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is available.

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The COBOL-IT Port List contains a comprehensive list of the Ports available for the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition.

The products in the Port List are classified by 32/64 bits. Operating System and host “C” Compiler.

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