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Micro Focus INSPIRE

Community and Social Impact

Our commitment is to treat employees with respect and be a great place to work

  • Micro Focus INSPIRE is our commitment to making a positive impact in the world

    Micro Focus INSPIRE is our commitment to making a positive impact in the world

    We have evolved and grown our social impact goals to focus on skills. Communities must be equipped with the right skills to survive and thrive in our continually evolving digital future. From helping to provide basic education in developing countries and nurturing digital skills in advanced economies, to social mobility, inclusion and diversity, our aim is to ensure that no one is left behind. With the benefits of artificial intelligence and automation widely recognized and these technologies becoming more deeply embedded into our lives, collectively we must ensure that those designing and building solutions must be representative of society. Helping to address the lack of diversity in the technology industry will be a key focus, starting in the classroom right through to the workplace; engaging those who may find their roles disappear or evolve as more highly skilled jobs emerge. Our partnerships and new employee volunteering programs focus on learning and upskilling for our communities and employees spanning digital, lifelong learning and wellbeing skills.

    Micro Focus Community
  • Volunteering


    To demonstrate the Company’s commitment to social purpose, in May 2019, Stephen Murdoch announced the introduction of employee volunteering days. Full and part time employees can take one day to support a charity or community project of choice; and one day aligned to the Company’s social purpose, ensuring society has the right skills for their digital future. The Company has set an ambitious goal to engage 25% of all employees in volunteering by the year ending 31 October 2021.

    Micro Focus Community Impact
  • Micro Focus INSPIRE India

    Micro Focus INSPIRE India

    Micro Focus INSPIRE India has helped nurture and enrich the lives of thousands of schoolchildren and students, helping many stay digitally connected to continue their education during COVID-19 lockdowns, and ensuring hundreds from deprived communities are supported with the right skills to thrive in their digital futures. Working with our charity partners, the programs we deliver align to our social purpose and enable us to measure our social impacts and report progress so that we can demonstrate strong social responsibility values. Learn more about Micro Focus INSPIRE India.

    Micro Focus INSPIRE India
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