Micro Focus INSPIRE

Environment and Sustainability

Our commitment is to reduce our environmental impact.

  • As well as helping our customers address their carbon footprint and adopt carbon friendly IT strategies such as enabling greater efficiency and longer life from their existing technology, Micro Focus is committed to improving its own carbon footprint.

    Collectively our leadership team and employees are working to reduce our total energy consumption and waste materials. We are actively working towards the eradication of single use plastic company-wide in our offices where we have direct control and where we are tenants. Where possible we are working with landlords to ensure compliance with our company policy.

    Micro Focus’ energy conservation is focused on energy efficiencies to drive down total energy consumption. The importance of reducing energy consumption levels is underlined within the Group by sharing data and seeking employee guidance on how to reduce our consumption within the boundaries of our operational control. For more information please visit the Corporate Social Responsibility section of our Annual Report and Accounts 2019.

    Micro Focus Environmental Standards
  • Micro Focus complies with all local environment legislation and has introduced several new programs such as improving office environments by selecting locations with top LEED ratings - silver, gold and platinum, through to upgrading to state of the art communication tools to minimize travel.

    Micro Focus complies with environmental regulations

Business Continuity Management

Micro Focus is committed to the safety of our employees and the continuity of services in the event of unplanned disruption. Micro Focus has complete confidence in its ability to respond to, and recover from, a disruptive incident in order to:

  • ensure the safety of our employees;
  • minimise the impact of disruption to customer service;
  • protect our key assets;
  • protect our reputation and our brand image; and
  • protect the interests of our shareholders and stakeholders.

Attaining a high standard of Business Continuity throughout any unplanned disruption is an integral part of Micro Focus’ business performance, maintaining our core functions until normal operating conditions resume.

Micro Focus has deployed a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for its over 100 offices in more than 40 countries 125 offices in 40 countries, including our Global Headquarters located in Newbury, UK:

  • Our BCP was created in association with a major specialist organisation in the field.
  • Our BCP policy outlines clear responsibilities, strategy, procedures, targets and objectives, as well as necessary training across the organisation.
  • The overall plan is implemented  through a cycle of testing, evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Operational processes and systems are continually monitored, validated and tested as part of our internal audit process.

Integral systems and exercise tests are also monitored and verified by our external auditors.

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