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API Security

Comprehensive API discovery and testing for any application, throughout the software lifecycle.

APIs Are Everywhere

APIs Are Everywhere

APIs now drive the majority of web traffic and represent one of the most common attack vectors for web applications. With APIs at the core of modern software, organizations demand a comprehensive solution that recognizes the inherent complexities of API security and testing for the breadth of API apps—from SOAP to REST and GraphQL to gRPC.

Attack Surface Coverage

Attack Surface Coverage

Discover new and shadow API endpoints automatically during testing.

Identify the breadth of endpoints with OpenAPI, Swagger, Odata, or WSDL schemas.

Extensive workflow support to process logical operation for maximum coverage (Postman, Selenium, Burp, and more).


API Authentication

API Authentication

API authentication is varied and complex. Fortify supports virtually all types of bearer tokens and implementations.

Robust automatic state detection to handle logins and logouts, ensuring effective testing for DevSecOps.

First API security to support automated authentication.

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Vulnerability Detection

Vulnerability Detection

Ever-expanding coverage of API-specific vulnerabilities affecting areas such as bearer tokens or GraphQL introspection.

Detects vulnerabilities related to the use of popular API frameworks, SDKs, and serverless functions.

Extends the foundation of industry-leading breadth of general SAST and DAST vulnerability support.

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Scan Automation

Scan Automation

Scale API testing with enterprise-grade orchestration delivered via SaaS, hosted, or on premise.

Integrate fully automated SAST, DAST, and SCA into your APIs’ DevSecOps pipelines.

Manage risk across your API portfolio through the Fortify platform and extend visibility with our flexible APIs.


Ready to Secure Your APIs?

Fortify’s portfolio of AppSec solutions deliver the API discovery and testing you need.
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