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Secure Third-Party Risk

Balancing Cyber Risks Throughout Your Digital Ecosystem

Third-party relationships have become commonplace in helping businesses compete better, drive efficiencies, and scale faster. Unfortunately, they can also introduce a major attack vector into your organization. Learn what you can do to reduce cyber risks associated with third parties.

Securing your Digital Ecosystem

In the digital world, the majority of organizations are interconnected and reliant on one another to better compete and engage with customers. However, those interconnections have proven to introduce cyber risks into businesses. Reduce these concerns by taking an approach that monitors third-party access and enables appropriate authentication, authorization and validation while ensuring that data is properly protected—delivering trust to your consumers and business partners.

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Securing the Software Supply Chain

With software supply chains increasingly becoming a major target for threat actors, it is more critical than ever to ensure that the software your organization delivers is properly secured during development. This reduces costs associated with security incidents at the application tier and the negative impact it could have on your business. Embedding secure development capabilities into your DevOps program enables seamless and secure releases that increase the resilience of your organization, while retaining the trust of your customers and business partners.

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Securing Third-Party Access to Your Data

There are many risks associated with the third parties your business interacts with. The biggest comes from the potential for unauthorized access to your data, whether through the third party’s access into your environment or into the data they hold on you. Too often, data breaches have been attributed to access to an organization’s data via a third party. It is critical to ensure that your most sensitive data is properly protected and that the right people have the right access at the right time.

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    Manage Third-Party Risk

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