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NetIQ Identity Manager

Manage the complete identity lifecycle with an identity management foundation that scales to billions of identities. Deliver efficient, consistent, and secure access to corporate assets through a single pane of glass.

Simplify complex identity environments

Manage the relationship between people, devices, and things with an identity platform that scales to billions of identities. With Identity Manager, you'll have a unified, real-time view of account information and access rights across diverse applications and systems. You'll gain an understanding of identity relationships so that you can determine better ways to engage with employees, partners, customers, devices, and things.

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Manage the complete identity lifecycle

Manage the changing state of digital identities and their attributes, from creation to eventual archiving or removal. As changes are made in authoritative data sources, you'll be able to trigger downstream updates to create accounts, assign access privileges, and propagate user attributes. When it’s time for an identity to leave the environment, you can revoke access and clean up accounts quickly and easily.

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Streamline and automate business processes

Translate manual processes into automated workflows and policies to save time and reduce human error. With Identity Manager's powerful provisioning options, you won't have to change your business processes to fit the solution. Whether you choose automated provisioning or manual fulfillment via helpdesk tickets, you'll find it easy to administer workflows and policies for all of your cloud and on-premises applications.

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Onboard new systems easily

Connect to a wide variety of systems, including on-premises and cloud-based applications, directories, and databases. You can configure your systems for provisioning and governance quickly and easily—without custom development and complex integrations. And with our real-time, event-driven security architecture, you'll be able to detect changes as they happen in target systems, rather than waiting for point-in-time, periodic reconciliations that leave you vulnerable to blind spots.

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Move to full identity governance and administration

Discover who has access to critical applications on premises and in the cloud. As an Identity Manager customer, you'll have access to discovery-related identity governance capabilities in NetIQ Identity Governance. You'll be able to detect risks such as inappropriate access, orphaned accounts, and separation of duties violations—a great first step toward full identity governance and administration (IGA).

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Peer Reviews

"A flexible tool that connects to multiple and various data sources."
"NetIQ Identity Manager 4.8 is a strong and solid identity manager engine with most of the features we expect."
"Simple implementation and has a customized look and feel."
"The Micro Focus Identity And Access Management System Works Seamlessly With Zero Downtime."
"Solid product, low cost to maintain, highly reliable."
"Very large spectrum of features, covers all requirements for IDM we had."
"With staff and students changing every six months, a system is needed that can cope with major changes. Through the IDM we are relieved of most of the work to ensure a smooth process."
"A Great Identity and Access Management solution from NetIQ which has been vastly improved with Microfocus taking over. Easy to Deploy Provisioning and De Provisioning Provides great visibility Excellent Reporting "
"The workflow is easy to familiarize with and reporting is very powerful. The initial setup was also very easy. The user interface is also commendable."
"We use Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Manager as s self service portal for changing password, checking activities. Integration is very easy and has 2 step verification. Customer service is very good and the software gives real time updates."

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NetIQ Named Leader for Access Governance

NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration was rated an Overall Leader for Access Governance and Intelligence in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Governance and Intelligence, with strong functionality covering all major aspects of Access Governance.

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