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NetIQ Self Service Password Reset

Administer and enforce strong credential policies, as well as end user self-administration.

Control the costs of your password administration

NetIQ Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) is a simple, secure, easy-to-deploy self-service password management tool that helps users reset or re-enable their own network passwords without having to call the help desk. It increases password security without limiting productivity when a user forgets a password. And it helps to eliminate common keywords and shared passwords.

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Scale password management through self-services

While forward-thinking organizations have used self-service credential administration to lower their help desk costs, it's a must-have for B2C and B2B environments where self-help is the only way to scale. Self Service Password Reset enables your external users to securely maintain their credentials or unlock an account that was accidentally locked.

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Enforce your strong credential policies

With Self Service Password Reset, you can configure password and challenge-response policies for a profile for a specific group. You can also define challenge questions at random, and required questions, to present to users when they are resetting their passwords. The random questions and required questions for challenge-response can be set for specific locales or user profiles.

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