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CrowdStrike + ArcSight

Uncover elusive insider threats with unparalleled security AI from ArcSight Intelligence combined with industry-leading EDR from CrowdStrike.


Detect Insider Threats

Detect Insider Threats

Incredibly difficult to detect, insider threats can result in stolen data, IP theft, installed ransomware, and sabotage. To complicate things, they are incredibly difficult to detect using traditional threat detection methods. ArcSight Intelligence for CrowdStrike has a proven track record of detecting insider threats using security AI.

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CrowdStrike Falcon EDR

CrowdStrike Falcon EDR

CrowdStrike is an industry-leading endpoint detection and response provider.

CrowdStrike sensors sit in your organization, gathering valuable data for your security operations team to analyze.

CrowdStrike Falcon sensors give rich data, which ArcSight Intelligence utilizes to find anomalies.

Support Insider Threat Programs

Support Insider Threat Programs

Provides threat detection tools uniquely designed to support insider threat programs.

Detects indications of data exfiltration, IP theft, ransomware, and sabotage.

Finds both malicious insiders and external threat actors with valid credentials acting as an employee.

ArcSight Threat Hunting Service

ArcSight Threat Hunting Service

Our Threat Hunting service complements other threat hunting services by uncovering insider threats.

Our Threat Hunting team has a proven track record of finding insider threat and other difficult to find threats.

We provide regular executive readouts with customers to communicate potential malignant threats.

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  • “ArcSight Intelligence is the only service we have that can detect Red Team attacks consistently. It has been instrumental in establishing a zero-trust strategy, for instance ensuring that all our critical applications require a VPN connection.”

    Chief Security Information Office


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