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Unprecedented protection combining AI and endpoint security

ArcSight Intelligence adds a new lens to CrowdStrike Falcon data for early insider threat detection and response, uncovering unknown threats with user and entity behavior analytics.


Detect threats early in the kill chain

Insider threats such as IP theft, sabotage, and destruction; snooping, leaking, and doxing; and finance fraud and privilege escalations are rapidly growing—making insider threat the top-most threat in the threat landscape.

Detect anomalies faster by using the combined threat intelligence of known threats, unknown threats, real-time correlation analysis, and unsupervised machine learning of behavioral analytics. Detect unknown threats and bad actors—no matter how sophisticated—using ArcSight Intelligence, driven by more than 450 unsupervised ML models and CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint.

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Uncover, detect, respond

Threats such as insider and targeted external attacks are notoriously complex and difficult to detect and can fly under the radar.

Uncover: Combine rich CrowdStrike endpoint data with advanced behavioral analytics to uncover traditionally difficult-to-find threats.

Detect: Identify insider threats or targeted attacks by learning the normal, unique behavior of every entity and detecting the most unusual or suspicious behaviors.

Respond: Distill billions of endpoint events into a list of prioritized threat leads, reducing alert fatigue and enabling you to focus on the threats that matter.

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Detect threats early in the kill chain

ArcSight Intelligence for CrowdStrike provides unprecedented protection, combining machine learning and endpoint security along with world-class threat hunting as a service. Kick start your experience today.

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