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Next-Gen solutions at the speed of business

Leading the digital transformation revolution with game-changing solutions that help companies secure their applications, innovate faster, and maintain cyber resiliency.


Application security testing as a service

The dramatic rise in digital transformation on cloud and mobile platforms and the increase in security incidents due to the exploitation of application code defects are a growing concern for enterprises.

A proactive approach is necessary to detect and protect against these vulnerabilities. Embedding testing early into the software development lifecycle improves the effectiveness of remediation and reduces cost and risk.

DXC Application Security on Demand service, powered by Fortify and supported by expert analysis, detects vulnerabilities in applications though static and dynamic security testing.

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Next-Gen solutions at the speed of business

Digital disruption is way of life and enables business growth. DXC and OpenText™ Cybersecurity work together to deliver game-changing solutions that help companies innovate faster and achieve digital transformation with less risk.

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What’s your cyber resilience score?

A cyber resilient organization can adapt to known and unknown crises, threats, adversities, and challenges. Know your resilience score.

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