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High-scale secure analytics with innovative data-centric protection

Voltage SecureData for Snowflake enables you to securely analyze sensitive data in Snowflake with format-preserving data protection. This integration is a 100% cloud-native solution.


The solution to secure cloud analytics

Remain in control of your data security while you run analytics at scale, employing persistent Format-Preserving Encryption and Anonymization techniques in conjunction with Snowflake’s native security provisions.

Remove the obstacles to analytics on customer data. Benefit from referential integrity of protected data in multiple Snowflake accounts. Enable multi-cloud data portability and secure information sharing. Unleash the value of your data with privacy and security by default.

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Protect and access sensitive data in Snowflake

The risks of data breaches and regulatory compliance violations continue to rise and are receiving board-level attention. Most organizations are using multiple cloud providers, complicating efforts to protect sensitive data moving across hybrid IT.

The integration of Voltage SecureData with Snowflake ensures the secure adoption of Snowflake as an analytics platform by ingesting currently protected data, re-identifying analytics result sets when required, and securing cleartext data landing in Snowflake.

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Voltage SecureData’s innovative data-centric protection for hybrid IT

Data security can be challenging. The volume of data and the borderless flow of data are outpacing the ability to understand how personal data is being used.

Voltage SecureData offers a variety of strong and flexible data-centric techniques that not only allow for pseudonymization and anonymization of sensitive data types for data privacy compliance, but also enable business processes and analytic workloads to operate on data in its protected state.

Our format-preserving and stateless data protection solutions support a broad range of data privacy use cases with persistent protection of data in use, in transit, and at rest.

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Want to know more?

Click the “Contact us” button to find out how Voltage SecureData for Snowflake can help you achieve high-scale secure cloud analytics.

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