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Episode 2 | Humans & Machines

Can We Trust AI? | Robin Grosset

March 23, 2021 | 39 minutes

Episode Description

Robin Grosset discusses the trustworthiness of AI and the complementary nature of AI and humans.

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Robin Grosset

About the Guest

Robin Grosset is the chief technology officer at MindBridge, where he leads the development of a next-generation AI Auditor that helps professionals detect and prevent financial anomalies, including fraud. Grosset joined MindBridge in 2016 after a distinguished career at IBM, where he was the chief architect of IBM Watson Analytics. He led the original product concept from inception to delivery. After rapid adoption, the product won the InfoWorld Technology of the Year award in 2016. Earlier in his career, Grosset founded and served as chief technology officer of Digital Aspects, which was later acquired by Cognos. Grosset holds a B.Sc. in physics and computer science from Newcastle University.

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Episode Transcript

Ep. 2 | Humans & Machines | Can We Trust AI? | Robin Grosset

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