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Episode 1 | Humans & Machines

State of Security AI | Chase Cunningham

March 23, 2021 | 17 minutes

Episode Description

Dr. Chase Cunningham offers his take on the difference between AI and machine learning, and discusses the rapid advance of deep fake technology.

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Chase Cunningham

About the Guest

Dr. Chase Cunningham is chief strategy officer at Ericom. Creator of the Zero Trust eXtended framework and a cybersecurity expert with decades of operational experience in NSA, U.S. Navy, FBI Cyber, and other government mission groups, Cunningham is responsible for Ericom’s overall strategy and technology alignment. He was previously vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research; director of threat intelligence for Armor; director of cyber analytics for Decisive Analytics; and chief cryptologic technician, U.S. Navy. He is the author of the "Cynja: series and "Cyber Warfare: Truth, Tactics, and Strategies."

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Episode Transcript

Ep. 1 | Humans and Machines | State of Security AI | Chase Cunningham

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