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DevSecOps with Fortify

Fortify integrates into your existing development toolchain seamlessly, giving you the highest quality findings and remediation advice during every stage, creating more secure software. With Fortify, you don’t need to trade quality of results for speed.


Developer-driven AppSec

Having defense in depth with Fortify in the CI/CD pipeline is key to modern success. Integrate and automate with the tools developers use by leveraging Fortify’s extensive integration ecosystem.


Speed and accuracy

Fast, frictionless security without sacrificing quality with seamless security integrated with any tool, anywhere in the SDLC.


Enterprise scale

Scale with ScanCentral and AI, which enables a small AppSec team to support an entire organization.

Detect security flaws as code is written

Fortify integrates seamlessly with popular Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs), allowing developers to find and fix security flaws during every stage, creating secure software with more flexibility and speed. With Fortify, you don’t need to sacrifice quality of results for speed of scans.

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Plan application and infrastructure security from the start

The right tools can help meet the goal of continuously integrated security. This includes an integrated development environment with CI security templates, automated security gates, and reduction of false positives.

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Custom and open source security testing options

Automated SAST and DAST testing of any technology, from development through production. SAST identifies the root cause and helps remediate underlying security flaws. DAST simulates controlled attacks to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with Fortify + Sonatype automates visibility into open source software (OSS).

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  • Simplify DevSecOps with tuning.

    The balance between speed vs depth of static scans has never been easier with the Fortify Speed Dial.

  • Integrate Fortify into your CI/CD pipeline.

    Fortify has comprehensive capabilities to integrate with virtually any CI/CD system such as AWS CodeStar, Bitbucket Pipelines, Github Actions and GitLab Pipelines.

  • Expand your security knowledge with developer trainings.

    Secure Development Training for everyone involved in the software development lifecycle is a cornerstone of any application security program and helps reduce the organization’s exposure to application security risk.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Micro Focus is a leader for the ninth consecutive year in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing.
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