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Auto-generate learning content that boosts the user adoption of your business applications.

Discover Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

Boost the user adoption of your applications with ART Content Packs for your Learning Management System LMS and Webserver.

Our ART Content Packs contain Show-Me demonstrations, Hands-On Try-Me simulations, step-by-step job aids and assessments. Use the ART Developer Kit to customize the Content Pack or create your own content for your Learning Management System (LMS) and Webserver.

Benefits of Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

User Adoption

ART boosts user adoption by providing an engaging learning experience that is available anytime, anywhere.

Continuous Enablement

ART supports continuous enablement by making it easy to update and deliver training content that captures solution and process changes throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

Software ROI

Start with our pre-built expert content to cut training development time by 80% then simply customize for your implementation or have us do it for you.


ART users maintain high competence levels so make fewer errors, need less support and work more efficiently which reduces the risk of business disruption.

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Learn how you can use ART to provide structured on-boarding, continuous enablement and quick access to support content that will boost user adoption of your business applications.

What to Expect

  • Effective on-boarding with simulation-based training
  • Auto-Generate operating procedures, runbooks and Job-Aids.
  • Auto-Generate Show-Me, Try-Me simulations and product demonstration videos.
  • Using In-Application Context Sensitive Help (CSH)

ART Content Packs for your LMS

Save elearning development time by using our pre-built expert content for your applications. ART Content Packs can be deployed to your own Learning Management System LMS or Webserver. You can use the ART Developer Kit to customize it or create your own simulation-based learning content.

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Benefits of ART Enterprise Learning Edition Cloud (ELE CLOUD)

Personal Learner
Web Portal

Users can trigger context sensitive help or can search & access all of their role-based training content from a single sign-on.

Centralized Version
Controlled Repository

Authors can check-in their content directly from the ART ELE Cloud Editor to the centralized version-controlled repository hosted by you.


Embedded Workflows make your content review process easy and speeds the creation and publication processes.

face to face
User Feedback
and Collaboration

Enhanced content quality as users can provide feedback, collaborate with teammates, and receive personalized notifications relevant to their learning.

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Customer Case Studies

ART vs. ART ELE Cloud

Compare ART features and choose what's best for you


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ART is a digital software adoption platform for creating, managing and distributing software learning content that makes enabling your team Easier and more affordable.


ART ELE Cloud is collaborative, all-in-one solution to authoring, e-Learning, content management, collaboration and distribution using an integrated Cloud Portal.

Drive Software ROI

ART provides an easy and cost-effective way to drive software value realization, improve user adoption, and reduce project risk. Read more about the return on investment in ART.

ART Services

OpenText Learning Services for Micro Focus products can help you to customize your ART content and enable your team.

Learn how ART can help your organization today!

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