COBOL is 60:
Powering business then, now, and next

COBOL at 60 – a Living Legend

After six decades driving the IT world, covering hundreds of billions lines of code, COBOL continues to deliver for today’s big business – supporting mission-critical applications and business systems across some of the most successful organizations globally. This unique programming language has endured all the changes of the last 60 years and will remain a foundational element of the innovation and change in the next 60.

But how will you keep up with change? How can COBOL meet your current and future needs? Check out the many supporting assets to help you find out.

Modernization: Reimagining COBOL Systems for the Digital Age

Every enterprise must review their infrastructures and applications in the context of the drive for IT transformation – especially those relying on COBOL systems for back-end business process. This paper showcases the key findings of a Micro Focus commissioned survey executed by analysts Vanson Bourne. Learn more by downloading the FREE brochure today.

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Modernization: Reimagining COBOL Systems for the Digital Age

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