COBOL is 60:
Powering business then, now, and next

COBOL at 60 – a Living Legend

After six decades driving the IT world, covering hundreds of billions lines of code, COBOL continues to deliver for today’s big business – supporting mission-critical applications and business systems across some of the most successful organizations globally.

In celebration of this momentous milestone, COBOL’s biggest fans are coming together to pay tribute to the legendary programming language.

COBOL is 60. Read the free white paper
Read the free white paper

In an age of unprecedented pressure to innovate, where new trends seem to last only for the briefest of moments, COBOL continues to shine. This white paper looks at the topic through three dimensions:

  • Why the world needs robust – and ever-changing – business technology
  • What innovation means in terms of technology and talent
  • The special ingredients that gave COBOL its everlasting power
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