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Modernize on Strength

Global COBOL. Huge and Growing.

New Opportunity for COBOL Modernization

Recent research reveals there are over 800 Billion lines of COBOL code powering today’s mission critical business systems. This massive volume of application code reinforces the importance, reliance and continued investment, in this most trusted of core business system technologies – COBOL. .

This new insight also demonstrates remarkable value for organizations, which requires ongoing investment as part of a larger modernization strategy. For IT leaders, supporting core business systems, this news creates a new opportunity – one aimed at bridging yesterday’s technology with today’s innovations. COBOL application modernization lies at the heart of digital transformation. Now is the time to modernize COBOL applications using the latest technologies and practices, supported by OpenText.

COBOL Research Results Revealed

Join OpenText and Vanson Bourne experts for a closer look at the latest survey highlights and data from the most recent COBOL research project. Explore global results and hear expert commentary supporting why the volume of COBOL continue to grow in support of toddy’s mission critical business applications.


COBOL Survey Results

Explore all the highlights from the latest OpenText COBOL research project directed by UK-based experts, Vanson Bourne. Understand why COBOL code continues to expand and grow, fueling IT transformation and new opportunity for application modernization.

Onward and Upward: How COBOL enables mainframe transformation

Change is constant, we adapt, and core systems continue to support us. DX is the change program to ensure your enterprise – complete with future-enabled COBOL applications – can compete and succeed. View relevant data from last year’s Big COBOL Survey to support smart DX as a strategic requirement for future success.

Onward and Upward: How COBOL enables mainframe transformation

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see COBOL as strategic




plan to modernize




technology driving DX is Cloud


What Our Customers Say

“...For IT leaders, focused on key transformation initiatives, re-use of COBOL application logic, from mainframe to cloud, delivers new business flexibility and value."
“...Modernizing trusted COBOL systems is a proven path to success, which is why COBOL is and will remain to be the bedrock of digital transformation.”
“...Thanks to Micro Focus (now part of OpenText™), COBOL is now a modern language, portable and fully object-oriented with an ability to integrate with both Java and .NET frameworks…”
"COBOL […] now delivers new integration with modern technologies […] ensuring a promising career path for new programmers and a bright future for mission-critical business applications."
“… We all interact with COBOL-based systems in some way each day, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future…”
“… We are amazed at the continuous value that [COBOL] has provided to many global organizations… [and] now easily it’s expanded to new platforms, including the cloud…”
“… While some would question the use of continued use COBOL, I see a language that’s quietly powered six decades of economic growth and a technology with a very bright future ahead.”

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