Service Provider Program

  • As technology evolves and customers’ requirements continue to shift, all areas of IT are impacted. Service Providers experience pressure from multiple sources; end customers, and the business to improve service quality and costs. In order to meet expectations and drive high customer value, Service Providers deliver solutions that improve the customer experience, IT agility, and profit margins. We recognize that the Service Provider market place is evolving rapidly, and our Partners are aligning their respective strategies to expand their business to leverage this growing business opportunity. The Micro Focus Service Provider (SP) Program provides access to proven, industry-leading software with flexible licensing options designed to help you address the different needs of your customers in a rapidly changing marketplace.

    The goal of the Service Provider is to build, serve, and retain customers via outcome based service offerings. Additionally, Service Providers must offer solutions that deliver the consumer-like digital experience that end customers expect today. Machine learning, analytics, intelligent automation, and personalization are all important components of a modern solution that can solve complex business problems. For Service Providers to become trusted Partners, they must understand their customers’ desired business outcomes, the nuances of their business, and their specific needs.

    The Micro Focus Service Provider (SP) Program is designed to help you build customer loyalty by offering true industry-leading solutions, coupled with flexible licensing models that include both CapEx and OpEx options. Our Service Provider (SP) Program focuses on enabling Partners with high product expertise and specialized capabilities to deliver outcome based services in to the marketplace. The program is a unique route to market which compliments other Micro Focus partner programs.

  • *Not all products are available in the Service Provider Program. Please consult your local Partner Business Manager for Service Provider product availability.

  • Micro Focus Benefits

    The Micro Focus Service Provider Program offers a full range of benefits. All benefits are designed to help our Service Provider Program Partners sell, market, and deliver participant-branded services based on Micro Focus Software products. The Service Provider Program provides sales and marketing tools, technical tools and training programs that will enable Partners to stay abreast of the latest products in the Micro Focus product portfolio. Upon execution of a Service Provider Agreement, authorized Service Provider Partners may receive access to the Partner Portal, joint selling and go to market opportunities, referral rebates, and certification and training.

    License Models

    Flexible, consumption based license models are available in the Micro Focus Service Provider Program. This enhanced product suite includes 16 product portfolios within five product groups.

    Unique Service Provider *licensing models include Subscription Term, Pay-Per-Use, Perpetual, and Micro Focus SaaS models.

    *Commercial licensing models vary by product.

    Collaborative Selling, Market Development Funds & Referral Rebates

    Micro Focus has aligned its models to encourage our sales teams to work with and through our Service Provider Partners on jointly developed offerings.

    Market Development Funds are provided to eligible Service Provider Partners to subsidize marketing and sales costs that generate awareness and drive demand for Micro Focus products and solutions.

    In addition, referral rebates are available for eligible Resell Partners in the Service Provider Program.

    Enablement & Certification

    A comprehensive enablement program supports our Partners at every stage. Access to quality enablement is key in providing the knowledge and skills you need to be able to present, demonstrate, and sell Micro Focus solutions with confidence.

    Our Partners have the same access to enablement as our direct sales force, along with a choice of study options to suit your preferred learning style, on-demand, web-based training and virtual or classroom instructor-led training.

    Partner Portal

    The Partner Portal is a dynamic and secure portal for the Service Provider Partner Community.

    The enhanced Portal was designed to streamline pipeline development, boost opportunities to achieve predictable revenue and help to close business for our Partners.

    The portal provides information about solutions, programs, marketing opportunities, initiatives, strategies, training, software and more.

    Interested in becoming a Service Provider Partner?

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