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Welcome to the Micro Focus Supplier Portal. This portal is designed to share information about invoicing, policies, and contact information. We encourage our Suppliers to regularly use this portal to connect with us and learn more about doing business with Micro Focus. As you explore the Supplier Portal, you will find information related to: Invoicing: Ariba Network account types, Paper and Non-PO Invoicing Requirements, payment questions, access to important documentation and where to find additional support.

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Micro Focus uses electronic invoicing and has partnered with SAP Ariba to achieve accurate and on-time payment of invoices using the Ariba Network. Micro Focus accepts electronic invoices sent through the Ariba Network, it also provides a way for us to work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments. The Ariba Network makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to collaborate on transactions, strengthen their relationships, and discover new business opportunities. There are two types of Ariba Network accounts to meet the needs of our suppliers, explore the section below to learn more. Note: Where legally permissible, paper invoices are accepted, however an Ariba Network account must be established to receive a Purchase Order from Micro Focus.

Invoicing with the Ariba Network: Account Types

Paper Invoicing and Non-PO Invoicing Requirements

  • Micro Focus requires electronic invoicing through SAP Ariba for all suppliers except where there are mandatory legal requirements
    Paper and Non-PO invoicing are only available where legally required. SAP Ariba will send a Purchase Order notification to the email address Micro Focus has on file for your company. The Purchase Order email will have an interactive link to create a FREE Ariba Network Light Account. After Creating the FREE SAP Ariba Network Light Account, download the PO details to create a Paper Based Invoice.

  • Issue your invoice to correct Micro Focus legal entity

    Micro Focus comprises of multiple legal entities. Often, multiple Micro Focus legal entities exist in one country. It is imperative that you invoice the correct Micro Focus legal entity and print its legal name and address (depending on country legal requirements) on your invoice. Note: If you have a question about your Purchase Order, legal entity name, or Bill To address, please reach out to your Micro Focus contact.

  • Send your invoice to the correct mail-to address and not to your Micro Focus contact

    For most countries, you must send an invoice to a designated mailing address instead of your Micro Focus contact. In some countries, the invoice mailing address is different from the entity legal address. It is important to send your invoice to the correct mailing address to avoid delay in payment. Please review the Paper Invoicing Mailing Address Matrix to ensure you are using the correct mailing address. Please contact Accounts Payable via Service Central if you have any questions. For Non-PO invoices, please review the Non-PO Email Address Invoicing Matrix.

  • Ensure your invoice contains the mandatory information including the Micro Focus PO number

    It is critical that the following details are included on the invoice:

    • Valid Micro Focus Purchase Order number
    • Name and email address of the Micro Focus employee that ordered your goods or services. In exceptional cases where you don't have a Purchase Order, you must include the Requestor Name and E-mail Address
    • For Credit Notes: Invoice number and Purchase Order number of the invoice against which credit is given

    Additionally, some countries have legal requirements to include the following:

    • Invoice number, issue date
    • Your tax registration number
    • Micro Focus tax registration number
    • Correct legal company name
    • Correct sold-to address
    • Your bank details
    • Item description, unit price, total price, quantity, currency, VAT (value added tax) or other applicable transaction tax amount
    • Tax rate
    • Taxable base amount
    • Tax amount
    • Exemption reason in case you apply a tax exemption
    • Transaction currency tax amount in local tax reporting currency in case you issue in a foreign currency with taxes
    • Any additional information as per legal requirements in your country

    Note: Only original tax invoice would be accepted

  • Understand your payment terms with Micro Focus and our payment process

    Micro Focus standard payment terms are Net Terms 60 days. Invoices are paid according to these standard payment terms and printed on the Purchase Order. Some suppliers will have payments terms negotiated in advance that will be different than the standard. In these cases, invoice payment will be made according to those pre-negotiate terms and not what is printed on the invoice.

    Payments to suppliers are fully automated. It is Micro Focus practice to issue payment for invoices that come due in the next payment run. If an invoice comes due after a payment run, payment will be issued in the next available payment run. Micro Focus does not publish payment run dates as they could change based on bank holidays, country holidays, or for internal reasons. Other potential reasons for payment delays perceived by suppliers are:

    • Invoice sent to your Micro Focus contact and not to designated mailing address
    • Invoice not authorized by Micro Focus
    • Problem with payment (e.g. missing or incorrect bank details)
    • Different payment terms were not negotiated with Micro Focus (standard is Net Terms 60 days)

  • The envelope containing your invoice must be marked to the attention to The Accounts Payable Department
    To avoid invoice processing delays, please ensure that ‘Attention: Accounts Payable Department’ is clearly printed on the envelope or visible in the envelope window.

  • Non-PO Scanning Requirements

    The Micro Focus scanning solution uses advanced scanning capabilities to convert attached invoice documents into electronic invoices into the SAP Ariba system.

    High quality documents will ensure the data is appropriately read by the scanning solution. Faded, creased, or out of square (crooked) documents may not scan accurately causing delays in processing.

    Invoices will automatically be rejected in the following cases:

    • Cover Sheets
    • Future Dated Invoices
    • Additional line items that do not match the Purchase Order line items
    • Invoice amount that exceeds the PO dollar amount
    • Include multiple Purchase Orders on the Same Invoice
    • Multiple attachments per email

Payment Questions?

Contact Micro Focus Accounts Payable Department for payment related questions.

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