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The UFT Family

Offer exceptional experiences everywhere with AI-powered functional test automation.

The UFT Family
Automate testing at scale through tight integration with the DevOps ecosystem of lifecycle management and continuous integration tools. Test earlier and faster using AI-powered functional test automation across any browser, mobile device, operating system, or form factor—either in the cloud or on premises.

AI-Powered Automation

Boost automated test speed and efficiency.

Artificial intelligence reduces test creation time, enhances coverage, increases asset resiliency, and reduces maintenance.

AI-Powered Automation

Additional Features


Leverage preferred frameworks, languages, and platforms. Test earlier, scale to more devices and technologies, and increase quality across any device and browser.


Friction-free continuous testing. Accelerate development and testing through extensive product integrations in any development environment and discipline.

Mobile Device Management

Simplify device and emulator management. Manage device labs either as SaaS, on premises, or even in a hybrid environment, and consume devices any way you want.

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What is functional testing?


Key Capabilities of the UFT Family

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