Press Release | 4 Nov 2021

Micro Focus Launches IDOL Law Enforcement Media Analysis (LEMA) Solution


New AI and machine learning digital forensics solution to assist in the processing of video and image evidence

SANTA CLARA, CA – November 4, 2021 – Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) – today announced the launch of IDOL Law Enforcement Media Analysis, a digital video and image forensics solution for law enforcement and intelligence organizations. Investigators can extract, classify, organize, share results, and index key facts from body cameras, dash cams, CCTV systems, digital documents, in addition to broadcast media, web, social media sources with increasing efficiency while meeting evidential standards. LEMA provides multiple and extendable analytics for Person, Object, Location, and Event (POLE) facts that Officers and intelligence agents can interactively validate, providing increased efficiency in processing the evidence in real-time investigations. 

“Now, evidence is being stored in many different digital formats. The real-time collection, classification, processing, security, and surveillance of these assets is becoming an increasing strain on Intelligence organizations,” said Scott Richards, General Manager, Information Management & Governance at Micro Focus. “To address this situation, Micro Focus now offers LEMA, specifically designed to support real-time investigation of digital media analytics across platforms and formats that can save time and costs while maintaining security and control.”

Utilizing extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning, LEMA meets unique Law Enforcement evidential requirements that manage the entirety of the digital investigation process within one platform. LEMA can include the complete investigative analysis workflow, incoming requests, automated analysis, investigator validation, and final report delivery. Critical uses cases include: 


  • Solving the Digital Asset Problem - More evidence is being stored in digital formats, and the collection, organization, and security of these assets is a strain on labor and costs.


  • Unified Video and Image Analytics Platform - Analyze video and image content for multiple entity types, simplify user training, and allow more effortless data fusion.


  • Expert Augmentation Analysis - Automatically perform preliminary analysis to uncover facts validated by a human eye, adding efficiency without removing control.


  • Evidential Analysis Workflow - Meet the unique challenges of deriving reliable conclusions in court with our evidence-focused workflow solution.


Micro Focus provides industry-leading Information Management and Governance solutions that help customers confidently deliver analytics and regulatory responses. 

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Micro Focus IDOL Law Enforcement Media Analysis (LEMA) now available to customers worldwide.

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