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Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model


    Micro Focus is the world’s leading authority on CORBA. We are committed to advancing CORBA and Middleware Standards through continued innovation and investment. The Micro Focus CORBA portfolio brings together the very best in talent and technical expertise across the software industry including prominent and pioneering solutions from Borland, IONA, and Prismtech. Our CORBA leadership and development team have extensive experience from these premier CORBA and middleware standards organizations. Our talent development strategy is to foster the next generation of developers to deliver on the Future of CORBA. Our combined mission: to deliver innovative products, superior customer support, and technical leadership for existing CORBA customer applications, and the supporting talent and innovation to modernize these systems into the future. For over thirty years, we have helped our CORBA customers bridge the old and the new.

    Our strategic partnership and collaboration with the Object Management Group®  (OMG) is constantly developing new innovations in the areas of Telecoms, Finance, Medical Devices, Military applications, Space, Robotics, and IOT applications. Micro Focus is a Platform member of the OMG and holds a seat on both the OMG Architecture Board and on the OMG Board of Directors. We are also members of the Open Group® Future Airborne Capability Environment™ (FACE) Consortium as well as Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA).

    Our new line of Micro Focus CORBA Add-ons is designed to allow any CORBA application, regardless of vendor, to take advantage of new deployment models including Cloud, Containers, and Virtual Environments or to extend and re-use existing CORBA resources using REST, OpenAPI, or Swagger, with no knowledge of CORBA. Our engineering vision for CORBA includes a powerful roadmap including new ways to utilize the proven design of OMG’s Middleware specification to expand into the world of IOT, Blockchain, IOTA, API4KP, Robotics, C4I, and Artificial Intelligence.


    Micro Focus receives Board of Directors seat at Object Management Group

    In December 2019, John Draga was elected to the Object Management Group (OMG) Board of Directors. In his current role as Board Member, John helps oversee and approve a wide array of technical specifications and assists in overall governance activities for the OMG.

    Micro Focus receives Architecture Board seat at Object Management Group

    In December 2019, Matteo Vescovi was elected to the Object Management Group (OMG) Architecture Board. In his role on the Architecture Board, Matteo helps review and approve all technical specifications created through the OMG.

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