File Reporter

Discover and analyze what you're storing and who has access to it

Detailed network file system reporting and analytics.


Micro Focus File Reporter examines network file systems and delivers the detailed file storage intelligence you need to optimize and secure your network for efficiency and compliance.

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Flexible reporting options pinpoint the information you need
Identify the precise file storage or file security information you need through 20 built-in reports or Custom Query Reports.
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A mandatory tool for compliance-burdened organizations

Help meet compliance to regulations such as PII, PCI, PHI, and GDPR by identifying files containing personal or confidential information. Discover who has access to a particular folder or file and how they gained access.

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Intelligence to optimize storage for efficiency and compliance

Generate reports detailing the files being stored on potentially petabytes of network storage. Then use this information to retain, restrict access to, move, archive, or delete the data.

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A critical component of a file analysis strategy

Get your “data glut” under control by defining the contents of your “dark data.” Then, determine which files to retain, which files to archive, and which files to delete.

Case Studies

University of Cincinnati

Read how Storage Manager is part of a Micro Focus product solution that is enabling collaborative development and research.

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Lancaster Central School Districts

Read how this school district is saving hundreds of hours each year in provisioning student and faculty network storage.

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Get a grip on data glut

Enforce efficient data management practices with File Analysis


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