Unified text analytics, speech analytics and video analytics

Al for enterprise search, chatbots, government open source intelligence and unstructured data analytics

Don’t miss out on information that matters

IDOL uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver text analytics, speech analytics, video analytics and unstructured data analytics on an extremely diverse set of file formats across an exhaustive range of data repositories. With this world-class breadth of data analytics coverage, IDOL supports applications ranging from enterprise search to open source intelligence and chatbots. It enables a real-time focus on the most valuable data within a vast sea of irrelevant or low priority of information.

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Harness virtually all types of data

With out-of-the-box access to 150+ data sources and support for 1,000+ data types, you can access virtually any internal and public domain data.

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Text, video, and audio analytics

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to generate actionable image, audio, video and text analytics insights. Create value by unlocking patterns, trends, and relationships across your entire library of unstructured data.

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Provide enterprise-grade security

Preserve and stay current on security entitlements to ensure the right information goes to the right people without compromising performance.

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Enable intelligent data discovery

Find the most relevant data from virtually any source, including the Dark Web. Utilize the dynamic AI-powered and data-led discovery.

Personalize knowledge discovery

Enhance productivity with custom knowledge delivery, enabled by AI learning about what matters most from user profiles and actions.

Build robust AI-powered chatbots

Enable natural language-based search and knowledge discovery, including FAQ-type answers, facts, and conceptually relevant passage extraction.

Chatbots – Uncovering an AI phenomenon

Learn the basics, find out about the enabling technology, explore evaluation criteria, and check out a real-life chatbot.

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