NetIQ Identity Governance

A Comprehensive Identity Governance Solution

Access certification to reduce the risk of excessive access.


NetIQ Identity Governance provides a business-friendly interface built on a common governance model that spans all of your business processes relating to identity, access, and certification. Demonstrate compliance and be confident your access recertification campaigns are done right using Identity Governance.

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Get compliant, stay compliant

Provide auditors and line of business managers with intuitive, user-friendly, and automated access certification processes and reports.

Eliminate error-prone, manual processes, and increase efficiency

Collect and correlate user entitlements across on-premise and cloud applications into one view. Keep reviews on schedule with automated email notifications, task tracking, visual timelines, and issue escalation.

Lock key
Empower business users to govern identity and access

Use roles, risk-scoring, and contextual information to assist business users by enabling them to focus on exceptions and high-risk entitlements, such as SOD violations or orphan accounts.

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Mitigate excessive access with automated revocation

Support enterprise-wide identity lifecycle management and close the loop on revocation and remediation processes for your access certification campaigns by integrating with Identity Manager.

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Drive internal business value with governance initiatives

Provide the organization with the visibility needed to make sound business decisions based on fact not fiction.

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Analytics and role mining

Technical and business role mining identifies commonalities in entitlements and leverage this data to perform ‘what if’ analysis, produce compliance metrics and reports.



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