NetIQ Privileged Account Manager

Secure privileged account access to databases, applications, and the cloud

Allowing IT administrators to work on systems without exposing administrator or supervisor passwords.

Shield 6
Comprehensive privileged user management

Grant only the privileges users need, when they need them. Centrally define and enforce the commands that privileged users are able to execute on any credential-based system, including UNIX, Linux or Windows platforms.

Password 1
Advanced authentication for privileged accounts

Create a layered defense for your sensitive assets and resources with multi-factor and step-up authentication.

Finger print
Risk-based privileged session control

Powerful risk-analysis tools record and play back user activity—down to the keystroke level. You define high-risk activity controls and enforce them with automatic session termination or access revocation.

Secured password vaulting

The Enterprise Credential Vault is an encrypted and hardened “password vault” to store credentials, keys, and other secret information.

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