NetIQ Self Service Password Reset

Balance password security with user convenience

A convenient, user-friendly, web-based password management solution.


NetIQ Self Service Password Reset helps you enforce strong credential policies so you can reduce potential breaches as a result of poor password practices. With Self Service Password Reset users confirm their identity using a wealth of customizable verification techniques including two-factor authentication.

Financial 2
Lowers the cost of password administration

The centralized console reduces routine calls to the help desk for password resets and account unlocks, which lowers administration costs and increases help desk response time on critical calls.

Password 1
Increases security

Customized or pre-written challenge questions are more secure than verifying a user's identity on the phone before resetting a password or unlocking an account.

Clock Digi
Installs in minutes

The Self Service Password Reset software appliance option ensures simple deployment, upgrades, and application integration within minutes.

Shield 6
Enforces strong credential policies

The self service interface makes it easy for end users to reset their own passwords rather than writing them down, so security isn't compromised by a sticky note.


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