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Service Request Management Software

A one-stop, centralized request center for your IT organization.


Create a new, contemporary face of IT. Micro Focus Service Request Center (formerly Serena® Request Center) serves as the single point of contact between users and your IT organization. Accessible by web or mobile, it serves as the "front office" for IT organizations, promoting user self-services and cutting IT costs.


Unified center for service requests

An interactive, intuitive web portal serves as a one-stop shop for users to browse through available IT services, as well as submit and track requests.


Users can quickly see the costs and benefits of a service before requesting access to the service itself.



Enterprise service catalog.

Service Request Center features pre-built service requests complete with associated forms and workflows.

Choose from various icons or create your own to represent services in the portal.


Compatible with Solutions Business Manager.

All your Solutions Business Manager (SBM)-powered applications are showcased as services within the portal.

Direct your users to a specific web page to request services.

Additional Features

Contextual Knowledgebase

Powerful knowledge management capabilities help users resolve their own problems without contacting support teams.

Dashboard for Service Level Management

SLA measurements can be based on business calendars, suspended at certain points, or applied to subsets of processes.

Customized Reports

Configured reports provide managers with dashboards that showcase a team's past performance against current performance.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • "We have experimented with replacing a home visit with the option to request a video conference instead. It was great to see our elderly people readily adopting this SBMdriven process and, moreover, liking it. It gives them more independence and another channel to use in an emergency."

    Harri Kumpulainen


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