ArcSight Security Open Data Platform

SIEM Data Collection and Distribution

A future-ready, open platform that transforms data chaos into security insight

Micro Focus State of Security Operations Report finds SOCs finally turn corner

Annual SecOps Study Shows 12% Improvement in SOC Maturity Citing the Most Significant Shift in Five Years; Yet 20% of Assessed SOCs Continue to Operate Ad-hoc with Serious Gaps in Security

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State of Security Operations Report
Kuwait Finance House turns to ArcSight for advanced breach defense
Kuwait Finance House turns to ArcSight for advanced breach defense

Kuwait Finance House, one of the foremost Islamic financial institutions in the world, turned to ArcSight to help them advance their breach defense strategy to better defend against today’s growing cyber threat landscape, and to help them comply with strict industry regulations (such as PCI-DSS). Through ArcSight, they now benefit from full infrastructure coverage, powerful real-time data correlation, and comprehensive security reporting.

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Open architecture message bus

Transformation Hub built on Kafka makes clean, enriched data available to any technology.

Real-time data enrichment

Add security context to raw data in real time to make it instantly usable for analysis.

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Easy centralized management

Centralized management center provides end-to-end view of the security posture.

Out of the box
Onboard any source easily

Over 400 out-of-box connectors and quick custom connector tool increases scalability.

Enterprise-scale data ingestion

Highly scalable enterprise solution processes a million events per second.

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Clean structured data

Normalizes data to the Common Event Format and structures it for easy analysis.

Introducing ArcSight’s Security Open Data Platform

Micro Focus is excited to announce the ArcSight Security Open Data Platform! SODP is a remastered data platform (replacing ADP) that bundles ArcSight’s newly released Connectors, Management Center and Transformation Hub to help you collect, structure, and utilize your event data more efficiently than ever before, with even greater flexibility.

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