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Security Event Log Management

A comprehensive log management solution for easier compliance, efficient log search, and secure cost-effective storage.

Micro Focus State of Security Operations Report finds SOCs finally turn corner

Annual SecOps Study Shows 12% Improvement in SOC Maturity Citing the Most Significant Shift in Five Years; Yet 20% of Assessed SOCs Continue to Operate Ad-hoc with Serious Gaps in Security

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State of Security Operations Report
Kuwait Finance House turns to ArcSight for advanced breach defense
Kuwait Finance House turns to ArcSight for advanced breach defense

Kuwait Finance House, one of the foremost Islamic financial institutions in the world, turned to ArcSight to help them advance their breach defense strategy to better defend against today’s growing cyber threat landscape, and to help them comply with strict industry regulations (such as PCI-DSS). Through ArcSight, they now benefit from full infrastructure coverage, powerful real-time data correlation, and comprehensive security reporting.

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Easily centralize all your event logs

ArcSight can collect billions of events per day, from 450+ sources, to give you centralized visibility into all your logs.

Storage time
Cost-effective long-term storage

Event aggregation, and up to 10:1 log compression, enable Logger to efficiently store years-worth of data.

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Log security measures

Logger data is protected by it's immutability, role-based access, and Format Preserving Encryption (Voltage SecureData).

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Security compliance

Built-in content, dashboards and reports ease the burden of regulatory requirements and audits.

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Fast and dynamic searches

Dynamic query suggestions make it easier than ever to search through log data.


ArcSight Logger Search Demo

In a recently published ArcSight "How-To" video, Micro Focus Solutions Architect Lokesh Bhasin demonstrates how to effectively create dashboards and use a pipeline operator to customize the display of a search result within ArcSight Logger. He then shows how to create a sharable report of your search displays to facilitate compliance and reporting.

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